Top 10 side hustle ideas that can make you rich in your spare time

Side hustle ideas

Are you looking for side hustle ideas to occupy your time in the days and evenings but can’t stand the thought of doing one more hour for a company that pays you nothing? Well I’ve got great news for you, a side hustle can be hugely lucrative. 

I know this from experience because I have done it myself. Now I know there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and what I am about to tell you is not the exception, but the fact is that we should all be making more money than we are now. 

Big or small, there are tons of side hustles you can start today. You just need to know where to look. However, few people know the right places to look since the side hustle market is oversaturated with crappy ideas. That’s why I’ve crafted this guide for you filled with 10 of the best side hustle ideas that can make you $100/hour or more on the side!

The economy has been on the up recently and companies are paying their employees better but it is still not enough. When we combine a side hustle with being in full time employment, also known as moonlighting, then we can make a lot of money in our spare time while supplementing our main income stream. All we need is an idea that everyone wants or needs and then off we go.


I’ve always been interested in how the workplace has changed and continues to change. And I’ve devised innovative ways to contribute my quota to how people operate. This blog post is a mishmash of how to get from point A to point Z in the world of work. It explores what matters and what doesn’t. 

This blog post is primarily about the finest side hustle ideas for folks who want to put their spare time to good use. This blog post is intended to assist you in maximizing your chances of landing one of these top jobs.

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Good news! Let us dive into the top ten jobs that can earn you a decent amount of money, up to $5,000 in your spare time.


One of the best ways to earn money is by starting a side hustle that can give you additional income in your spare time. There are many side hustle ideas that can make you rich if you focus on them, and one of those is a blog.

A blog is one of the most profitable side businesses, seeing as how it doesn’t require too much effort and time once it’s up and running. It’s also an excellent source of passive income since your articles are evergreen.

If you are thinking about starting your own blog, here are some tips to get you started:

Choose your niche wisely

Blogging can be about anything under the sun, which is why choosing a niche that fits your interests is important. You don’t want to end up losing interest in what you’re writing about after only a few months into it, so it’s best to stick with something that you love. Your niche doesn’t


This is one of my favorite side hustle idea for anyone looking to make money in their leisure time because it not only provides a flexible way of working, similar to blogging, but it also pays you right away without requiring much effort. 

A virtual assistant’s job include providing administrative help to a person or a group. Some of your responsibilities may include managing email and social media, updating calendars, organizing meetings and travel, planning events, and conducting research. 

Virtual assistant employment can be found part-time or full-time and can be done entirely from home.


If you enjoy photography, using one of the many stock photo sites could be another method to supplement your income. You certainly can. Photographs, films, and even sounds can all be sold. 

This is why I consider this to be my number one job, one that anyone can do in their spare time and earn a lot of money.

This is a completely self-contained position. You might limit yourself to only working with raw files. Your clients will offer you with raw data, which you must alter according to their specifications. 

On average, a media editor earns roughly $30 per hour. You can demand more if you are freelancing and have your own clients. 

Here are a few places where you can sell your material or look for photo/video editing jobs:

  • WorkoPolis,
  • ZipRecruiter
  • SimplyHired
  • Upwork
  • Fiver


Online writing is a terrific side hustle idea that may bring you a lot of money if you put in the effort. 

You’ve probably been itching to put your writing skills on display. This is the push you’ve been looking for to get started on something you’ve always wanted to do. 

For a talented freelance writer, there are numerous opportunities. In addition, you can earn a substantial sum of money in your spare time. 

You can write for a variety of outlets, including websites, blogs, e-books, marketing departments, and so on. If you prefers not to have content written in their own name, you can work as a ghostwriter.

Pay can be hourly, per article, or per word count. You are free to set your own charges, and your experience and efficiency can help you earn a lot of money. 

According to a source, freelance writers who work for businesses earn an average of $24 per hour. 

Based on your experience, you can charge more than $100 each piece if you wish to work with your own clientele. 

Here are a few places where you can work as a freelance writer:

  • Clearvoice
  • Skyword
  • Contently

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Dropping is still a possibility. Another excellent side hustle idea that anyone may do in their leisure time. It entails selling a third-party product from a Drop shipping company to a customer without seeing the product and without having to see the customer. 

When you sell something through dropshipping, the product is shipped directly to the client from the dropshipper. 

You can earn anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 every month. The difference between what you charge your consumers and what the drop shipping provider costs you constitutes your profit.


Content-related employment include everything from copywriting to proofreading to copyediting. Let’s say you’re in charge of content creation or lead generation. 

They’re all interconnected, so you can choose one or offer all three. However, I propose that you pick one and improve it. Each of them (freelance writer, proofreader, and editor) is in high demand. 

But keep in mind that each of these online professions necessitates meticulous observation and close attention to detail. You can work for a corporation, a blog, an association, or any other organization that needs editors, proofreaders, or writers.

You can set your own price for your services and stick to your schedule. Depending on your degree of expertise and skill set, you can earn up to $50,000 or more per year as a proofreader, writer, or editor. 

Here are a few reputable companies that provide online employment that require you to work with text rather than people.

  • Upwork
  • Proofreading Services
  • WordVice
  • EditFast


Because there is little to no interaction with clients, this is one of the best internet side hustles idea that can make you wealthy. If you have the necessary equipment, you can work from anyplace. To suit any client’s needs, you only need to be inventive. 

You must have relevant abilities and expertise in the field. You can make a reasonable living by upgrading your talents and working on an hourly basis. 

To get graphic design contracts, you should first create a website to promote your work and socialize electronically.

Graphic designers can expect to be paid up to $50 per hour on average, with more depending on expertise and the complexity of the job. 

Here are a few popular venues where your graphic design skills can be put to use.

  • Freelancer
  • UpWork
  • 99Designs


Tiktok’s inclusion in this list will most likely surprise you. Yes, millions of people are succeeding on Tiktok, and nothing is keeping you from following in their footsteps. 

You are not required to post yourself, as this may be inconvenient for some. All you have to do now is record more things or even make a compilation of hilarious videos to share on your Facebook. 

You can monetize your page, run adverts, and make money through affiliate marketing just like you can with blogging once you have a certain number of followers. 

As a TikTok expert, you won’t be able to earn more than $5,000 per month.


Marketing professions include marketing coordinator, SEO specialist, and content strategist, to name a few. In marketing, you’ll use branding and outreach to promote a product or service. 

Because this job can be done from home, it is ideal for a stay-at-home mom. 

You are free to look at any job opportunities that interest you. 

There are a variety of additional jobs available, including the following:

  • Health Coach
  • Travel Consultant
  • Web Designer, etc


Upwork and Fiverr are marketplaces where freelancers connect with businesses seeking part-time help in areas from software development to accounting. 

Both sites let you create a profile with your experience, skills and rates; Upwork also requires an application and screening process.


We have created this list to show you that almost everything we do at or outside of work, can be turned into a side hustle. Even the most boring and monotonous jobs can turn into money-spinners. 

Just depends on how willing you are to take action and hustle. The dream job, no matter what it is, won’t just fall in your lap; it may not exist at all! What will fall in your lap is the opportunity to create something that you love out of what you do. And now go get after it!

Side hustle ideas

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