5 Best Countries for International Students to Study and Work in 2022

You have decided to study abroad but need a country where you can study and work altogether. The best countries for international students to study and work are those that offer them a combination of affordability, quality of education and life, and safety. 

However, not all countries are created equal when it comes to attracting international students and retaining them after graduation. Here are 5 countries that have done an excellent job at attracting and retaining top foreign talent. In this guide, you will learn some of the best countries to study and work abroad as well as top universities in these countries for international students. 

5. Netherlands

The Netherlands also called Holland is one of the most sought-after destinations for international students

There are many scholarships available for international students in the Netherlands. Students may work up to 16 hours a week with a work permit from their employer, depending on their nationality.

Top universities in the Netherlands are

Top Work Opportunities in the Netherlands

Among other work opportunities, these are the highly coveted opportunities available in the Netherlands

  • Engineers
  • ICT Specialists
  • Health Care Specialists

One favourable thing about studying in the Netherlands is that most courses are taught in the English Language.

Depending on the location and the type of accommodation, the cost of living in the Netherlands ranges between 800 and 1,000 euros per month. This includes stay, food, health insurance, and transport costs.

To fund your expenses, you can take up a part-time job and work for a maximum of 16 hours per week. You can also get some sort of scholarship to study in the Netherlands. 

4. Australia

One of the most popular destinations for international students, Australia offers an English-speaking environment with a high quality of life. Australians have a reputation for being laid back and friendly people. The country has many universities and colleges offering programs in many fields including medicine, engineering and business. 

Students on a student visa in Australia can work up to 20 hours per week during the school year, and full-time during vacations. This opportunity makes it considerably more affordable for students to attend school by allowing them to work part-time to pay for their education.

Top Universities in Australia are:

The country offers a wide range of options, from short-term language courses to graduate degrees, with many programs taught in English by faculty from around the world who are familiar with global academic standards and practices. Here are some top universities in Australia. 

Top Recommendations

Top Work Opportunities in Australia

Students can also choose from more than 400 TAFE institutes throughout the country which offer vocational training in fields such as nursing or hospitality management.

  • Project Managers
  • IT Specialists
  • Teachers
  • Medical Specialists

3. Canada

Canada is a sought after destination for international students. This is as a result of the abundance of jobs in the country and fewer human resources available. As an international student, only when you begin your academic program in Canada can you begin working. You will be unable to work prior to the start of your study in canada. If your study permit includes a condition that allows you to work on- or off-campus, you can work in Canada as an international student.

Top Universities in Canada

Canada has long been a popular destination for international students, and it continues to attract more than 300,000 newcomers each year. In 2018, more than 320,000 foreign students enrolled at Canadian universities — an increase of 3% over 2017, according to Statistics Canada data. Most opt for English-language programs; however, French immersion courses are also available in Quebec and New Brunswick provinces as well as Ontario and Manitoba provinces. Here are some Top universities in Canada. 

Top Work Opportunities in Canada

There are more than 200 accredited universities in Canada offering programs in disciplines ranging from medicine to engineering to business administration. The cost of living is generally lower than other developed countries, while still providing access to world-class amenities like healthcare and public transportation systems. Top work opportunities in Canada include the following: 

  • Medical Professionals
  • ICT Specialists
  • Project and Product Managers

2. United Kingdom (UK)

The UK is the world’s leading destination for international students. International students add much-needed diversity to our campuses and bring their global perspectives to the classroom.

In the United Kingdom, you can work 20 hours per week if you’re on a full-time programme at degree level or above or 10 hours per week if on a below degree level.

Top Universities in the UK

Top Work Opportunities in the UK  

1. USA

The USA is home to numerous universities and a top choice for many international students. International students can work in the USA while studying but there are some restrictions. International students who have an F-1 and M-1 visa are allowed to work on-campus and in specified training programs. Students are not allowed to work off-campus during their first academic year.

Top universities in the USA are:

Top Work Opportunities in the USA

Among other work opportunities, these are the highly coveted opportunities available in the United States. 

  • Medical Professionals
  • ICT Specialists
  • Project and Product Managers


The United States of America remains the top destination for international students, but other countries are fast catching up. When considering study destinations, it is important to check out Countries for International Students to Study and Work. We understand that times are hard and that is why we are hopeful that this post helps you in your study abroad journey. 

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