Relocating To Uk As A Nigerian Doctor| All You Need To Know About

Relocating to Uk as a Nigerian doctor is one of the best things that can happen to you. Doctors are in high demand in both the UK and the US. As a doctor that trained in Nigeria, these two destinations are the best with regards to ease of getting a license to practice, pay, and general job satisfaction.

Of these two countries, the UK is a very good place to practice Medicine. It offers a faster and cheaper exam process than the US, ease of getting into practice, and a very good standard of living.

There are 4 main ways you can relocating to Uk as a Nigerian doctor to practice as a doctor in the UK.

  1. The PLAB Route – This is the most straightforward and easiest route. We will dwell on this today.

2. The Master’s Route: This is the fastest route and still involves taking the PLAB. We will explain it in detail later.

  1. The Specialist Route – This is for persons who have completed Residency Training in Nigeria and are seeking to be registered to practice as Specialists in the UK. It does not involve taking PLAB. It is a feasible but challenging route depending on the Faculty. We will discuss it in detail in another post.
  2. The MTI Route: This is a rare route that a few persons in Residency Training use to come and work in the UK using an arrangement the Colleges have with the Royal Colleges. It is the hardest of the route and is given to few people yearly. We will discuss it in another post.

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For this route, you need to do 3 main exams, IELTS, PLAB 1, and PLAB 2. You can do this in the following steps:

  1. IELTS UKVI – You need to get an overall band of 7.5 on all segments and a minimum of 7 on all segments.
  2. After this, you register for PLAB 1 Exam. This can be taken in Lagos, Abuja, and Enugu and is usually taken in November and March yearly. In the UK, you can take the PLAB 1 additionally in June.
  3. After passing PLAB 1, you can register for PLAB 2 Exams which is taken in Manchester, United Kingdom.
  4. After registering and getting your exam date, you can book for a PLAB 2 course or Academy. Notable ones are Samson Academy (which opened a Lagos branch), Swamy Academy (Manchester), and several good online Academies (Aspire2PLAB, etc.)
  5. Apply for a Visitor’s visa which you will use to travel for your exams. Aim to travel at least one month before the date of your exam for sufficient practice and mock exams.
  6. Get your Visa and travel to the UK.
  7. Take your PLAB 2 Exam. We already know that you will pass, right? 😊
    Prepare o! Else, you will travel twice. This journey is very expensive.
  8. Return to Nigeria after your exams and start applying for jobs. You can use an agency (we can recommend some trusted ones) or apply directly via the NHS Jobs website or Trac Jobs.
  9. If you pass the PLAB 2 (results come out after a month), you can apply to MDCN for a Certificate of Good Standing and begin the process of your GMC Registration. This involves a lot of back and forth and documentation but you can be guided through this.
  10. Once you are issued your GMC License, Congratulations! Na job remains. You may have gotten some job interviews. Most will be either through Zoom, Skype or maybe a telephone interview. Do your best. Sell yourself.
  11. If you succeed in the interview, you will be given a contract. After signing this, the hospital will provide you with a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) which you can use to apply for your Tier 2 Work Visa.
  12. Attend your Visa interview, get your Visa, book your flight ticket and leave for the UK. 🇬🇧


This route is very fast if you want to Relocating to Uk as a Nigerian doctor but it is an expensive route as you will need to pay for tuition and accommodation in the UK.

It also involves doing the PLAB while you are studying and this can be stressful depending on the rigour of your program.

The advantage is that you will be on the UK and just go by bus to Manchester to write PLAB 2 instead of flying from Nigeria.

Another advantage is that it is easier to get a permanent job when you are in the UK than when you are in Nigeria. Agencies will rather call someone with a UK number and address.

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