Always Defend The Skills In Your Cv

Over our course of work at jobsandjapa, we have worked on many CVs and seen a lot of mistakes people make on their CV but I would love to talk about putting skills you do not possess on your Cv. What most people do not understand is that most Recruiters are still CV writers. We know all the antics and packaging. But we still know how to figure out if your packaging is the same as your content. If you write project management as your core skill, and you can’t tell a recruiter what a project Charter is then you are lying. A good recruiter can just pick one thing on your CV and base your interview questions on it.

If you can not defend any technical skill on the Skill section of your CV, please remove it. Soft skills can be pardoned but don’t lie about the technical skills. You should even read about the soft skills on your CV and know what they mean. How can you have Confidentiality and Emotional intelligence as soft skills on your CV yet you do not know what they mean

When we are revamping your CV and we raise pertinent questions or concerns as regards to employment gap, years of experience, or certificates /training you quoted, just know we are asking you from the eyes of a recruiter and those questions would be raised one day. There was a time someone contracted us to revamp CV for her and she was busy saying ” leave it for me like that, put it that way” arguing with. Later she missed a very good job opportunity because of her strong head. The same concerns I raised were also raised during her interview and she couldn’t defend them. Now she is back to me to readjust.

Also, Know and understand that PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION, CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE, TRAINING WORKSHOPS, AND CONFERENCES are all different. You can attend training on HR, Project Management, etc. That doesn’t make you a Certified professional in that field. You can only be certified by a professional body licensed to do so. Also, you can be a professional in your field without being certified yet. You can be certified simply because you can read and pass the exam yet you have no real practical experience on the job.

If you are a potential corp member, a lot of training companies will come to the camp and your CDS place to persuade you to register with them for one “CERTIFICATION” course or the other. Here are a few things you must understand:

1. Most of Those companies are not licensed to certify you as a professional in a given field. Those Project Management, Human Resource, and Health certificates they lure you to acquire are as useless as the P in psychology.

2. If you want to get a certification in any field, be it HR, Project Management, etc. Just check out the relevant body in charge of such a profession and register with them and write their exams.

3. The only time you would be needing those training companies is when you must have registered to take a professional exam and you need a place to go for lectures in preparation for your certification exam. You must also make sure that the said training company is accredited by the professional certification body to teach students. This is because professional bodies would always require you to cover a certain credit unit (learning hours) from an accredited training institution before you are eligible for their exams.

4. If you want to take a foundational course on HR, PM, HSE, etc. For the knowledge sake, you can do that online via LinkedIn learning, Coursera, Udemy, Allison, Sylor. Etc. Save your money and go for proper certification if you wish.

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