Dear Class of 2020 – Letter From Goodnews Egemolu

Dear Class of 2020

Congratulations on writing your final exam and your possible graduation. around this time 3 years ago I was in the same shoe as yours happy that I’m done with “Frustration Under Tension” Owerri, it was a long 5 years so I can feel the joy in your heart, once again congratulations. Nevertheless, permit me to give this unsolicited advice.

I am glad to welcome you to the other side of the road, believe me, it’s cold here, it’s eat or be eaten, it’s all man on his own in these streets. Therefore you have to be intentional about whatever you do from now on, you cannot avoid living life with complacency not even as a Nigerian.

I will also assume you graduated with at least 2’1 or 2’2, forget all those school is scam and who first-class help, you’re in Nigeria and over here the rules are different, there are Lot’s of first-class and 2’1 here then imagine you with 3rd class and no skill. Yes, there might be an exception in rare cases but it might not be so in your case. Nevertheless, even if it’s a third class that you have, bring it like that ‘at all at all na em worst”.

Do you have a skill? if not get one now. It must not be coding or any tech-related skill. It could be Ghostwriting, Copyediting, Digital marketing, sales. Learn learn learn. No knowledge is a waste, apply for an internship.
Invest in personal development, read as many books as possible, attend conferences, seminars (paid and free). Network network network, you need people to succeed, I am who I am today because of the people I met in life. I repeat you need people to succeed.

Seek superior counsel, you can roll with your peers but you don’t meet them for advice, y’all have the same problem. Move to Lagos, Abuja, PH. That’s where the jobs are, the remaining part of Nigeria are ‘communities’. Take your skill where it is needed. Don’t be like Peter who kept looking for fish at the wrong place. Remember, Talent is universal but opportunity is not.

Leave your comfort zone, until you’re hungry you won’t look for food. Mind your post on social media they can make or mar you. I have gotten many opportunities from LinkedIn and Facebook. A year after graduation, a friend on Facebook got me an opportunity just because of a post I made. Spend more time on LinkedIn that’s where serious people are.

Remember you are in a third-world country, you’re already disadvantaged, the odds are against you, the least you can do is make your present be proud of your future self. You can’t afford to be an ‘anything goes’ youth, you can’t

Lastly, forget about relationships for now especially for the guys, an Igbo adage says “onye a kwo akwo anaghi akwo mmadu”.
May God be with you

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