Everywhere Good – A Tale Of Young Nigerians Who Are Gradually Leaving The Trenches.

I have wanted to make this post since last month but each time I try, something else takes my time so yesterday, I added making this post to my to-do list, and trust me I am very happy to share this with you. In this post, I will be telling a story, a story of pain, grit, tenacity, and beautiful things that happened. It’s a story of me and my friends, for this post I will use just 3 of them. To better understand this post, you might want to read a post I made last year HERE

Last week I was in Lagos for the new company I will be working with, it was a three weeks training but I love to see it as a three weeks vacation. I was flown into Lagos, picked up at the airport with an executive ride, lodged in a 5-star hotel for 3 weeks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For 3 weeks, the sun didn’t get to me lol. see why I called it an Item. The job came with lots of specs like a brand new iPad Pro, an official car, and a driver, that is in addition to my own car. I don’t want to talk about the remuneration and bonuses. After my training session, I decided to visit two of my friends in Lagos.

Frank (not real name) lives at Ajah, we both came from humble homes back then in Owerri. Our parents did their bit to give us a head start in life. He taught me coding and is currently working with a Nigerian fintech company that pays him 560k a month and a US company that pays $2000 per month. He lives in an apartment that he pays 1.4M and drives a Lexus 350 Ex. He is just 27 and single. For a young Nigerian, he is doing well. We talked about old times and how we struggled In school to pay 80k lodged, I remembered on time his landlord locked him out for failure to pay rent. He laughed it off. Of course, we are laughing now but back then in FUTO, we didn’t see this becoming our reality. I have flown 6 times and all 6 times, I have never paid for it, the companies I work with do that. If I was told about this a few years ago, I won’t believe it. I left his place to visit another of my friend who stays at Ikeja since it is closer to the airport for my flight back to PH.

Kc (not real name) just like frank is my university friend, he accommodated me when I had nowhere to stay in my 100L. When we left school, he found it difficult to secure a job, for 3 years he was at Aba managing his father’s business and job hunting. This dude is brilliant and one of the best in his class. We all got jobs except him, it was looking like it was from the village but he kept pushing on. Finally, he got an offer from a leading financial security company in Ikoyi. His starting offer was 300k asides monthly bonus that runs to 400k. He was given an iPhone 12 as a CUG and Mackbook. When I arrived, he told me tales of how he was the best in the training school and how every department in the company wanted him. His colleagues always ask him why he is so serious and he replied “Where I came from is very far” truly we have come a long way, we have planted and watered our seeds and it’s time for harvest. In his words, he said, “Everywhere Good”. We might not be making millions per month now but compared to where we were before and what we have been through, this is bliss and we are contented.. I later left Lagos to PH and then Owerri.

In Owerri, I visited my university roommate, dude got a brand new saloon car, and wanted to celebrate with him. He lives in a flat where he pays like 400k per year and in the light of it, he is doing well. I spent the night at his place and in the morning while praying, he started crying. Yes, can understand the tears because we know where we came from and what we have been through, we know the sacrifices we made and what we had to endure to achieve this level of success.

Why am I writing this, Romans 15 vs 4 said “For whatever things were written afore time were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope“. I am telling these stories so you will know that no matter what you are currently facing now, the future is bright. Forget your family background, personal circumstances, educational qualifications, and any other excuse you may want to tell yourself not to push harder. I tell you without mincing words, there is plenty of room for you at the top. When you are ready the world will make space for you. So, go beyond the local think international. Be determined not to live life in your comfort zone. Shut out anyone or anything or anywhere that makes you feel less of yourself. Abroad is doable. Working in a Fortune 500 company is achievable. Getting a better-paying job is possible. Boarding international flights is also your birthright. Life will give you what you demand not what you deserve.

Till next time I write you, keep pushing….


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