Goodnews, Nothing Is Wrong With You

Small mosquito bit and I fall sick, I cannot count how many times I have been sick or at the hospital in the past so I made sure I secured health insurance this year, I choosed hygeia HMO. Recently I noticed I struggle to breathe whenever I undergo any metabolic activities like run, carry heavy items,s, etc, I also noticed my heart skips at a very little fright so I decided to see the doctor after procrastinating several times. I checked my health insurance app and found out I have over 3 million Naira worth of health insurance unused which will expire next month, as I born Nigerian, I said lie lie, this money cannot waste fa.

Using Hygeia HMO

When you open the hygeia HMO mobile app, you will see different hospitals you can visit, this included both eye and dental hospital. I decided I will see a physician first then a dentist to get a mouth wash and finally and optician. I choose Vaden specialist hospital, one of the best hospital in Imo state. After waiting for hours I finally got to see the doctor.

Once you are using Hygeia HMO, you can see a list of hospitals you can visit and get swift medical care for free, I visited Vaden, showed the receptionist my HMO ID card and she directed me to the ICT dept where a lady attended to me by confirming my details online on the hygeia platform. When my details checked out, I was given a form to fill and a hospital ID. So I waited to see the doctor. You can enroll into Hygeia HMO with N3,800 or thereabout.

Goodnews Nothing Is Wrong With You

After examining me, the doctor said everything is fine, my pulse and heart bit are okay but my blood pressure is a little on the high side for my age. Nevertheless, I insisted I want to do urine analysis, cholesterol, Mp and Widal test which he obliged, I fixed another appointment to come see him after I have submitted my sample to the lab guys.

Health Is Wealth

Living in a relatively poor country, we do not give our health the required attention, my mum do say most people are walking dead because of the sickness they have in them unknown. Rich people live longer because they tend to check and monitor their health at interval, I think one should do a regular body check up at least once in 6 months. You can get access to a good medical care at free with hygeia HMO or you can run the following test (Mp, Widal, Culture, cholesterol) at interval, these are basic at least.

We should be very conscious of our health, men especially because I found out in my course of work that women pay more attention to their health than men. If you are a man get a multivitamin called well man get

Well man 20+ if you are 20 – 29 a

Well man 30+ if you are 30 – 39

Well man 40+ if you are 40-49 and

Well man 50+ if you are above 50

Health Is Wealth People

4 thoughts on “Goodnews, Nothing Is Wrong With You

  1. It’s so good to know that you’re okay. Try to get some rest sometimes.

    Thinking so much about how to carry out daily activities and make ends meet to cater for ourselves and our family tends to increase the rate of blood pressure.

    Take care of you!

    1. Hi Esther

      This Adult life is not easy fa, there are a lot of things zapping our time and energy, we try to make ends meet to keep our head above water, and most times our health suffers it.

      To be honest, rest is a luxury I cannot afford now, I work round the clock but I will try. How far with our date?

      1. 不不不不不不 Our date will be fixed dear. I haven’t forgotten.

        Just like you mentioned, “This Adult life is not easy fa, there are a lot of things zapping our time and energy, …”.

        We will sure have our time.

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