10 Remote Jobs Available Now

Here are 10 remote jobs available now on jobsanjapa today. If you need help in revamping your cv and applying for the jobs please reach out to us at jobsandjapa@gmail.com.

  1. Customer Support Manager at Deepnote – https://boards.greenhouse.io/deepnote/jobs/4496356004?utm_source=himalayas.app&ref=himalayas.app

2. Customer Data Scientist at Deepnote – https://boards.greenhouse.io/deepnote/jobs/4544400004

3. Product Marketing Manager at Intergiro – https://jobs.intergiro.com/o/product-marketing-manager?utm_source=himalayas.app&ref=himalayas.app

4. Growth Product Manager at Minutizer – https://observant-authority-5be.notion.site/Growth-Product-Manager-35feefc195ce4e3a9c40498d640ea257

5. Customer Success Associate at Joveo – https://joveo.breezy.hr/p/9d58ff0018ad?utm_source=himalayas.app&ref=himalayas.app

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6. Technical Account Manager at Skyscrapers- https://skyscrapers.eu/jobs/technical-account-manager-remote

7.Account Manager / Customer Success Manager Remote at Semephore – https://semaphore.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=23&utm_source=himalayas.app&ref=himalayas.app

8. Customer Onboarding Specialist at Shorthand- https://shorthand.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=47&utm_source=himalayas.app&ref=himalayas.app

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9. Customer Success Associate at Voice123 – https://www.careers-page.com/voice123/job/959574?utm_source=himalayas.app&ref=himalayas.app

10. Customer Support Lead at Heytaco – https://www.heytaco.chat/jobs?utm=footer-navigation&utm_source=himalayas.app&ref=himalayas.app

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