What is your salary expectation?. This question is common during an interview process especially when the recruiter wants to wrap things up, and it makes you uncomfortable and really nervous right? You don’t want to misyarn or over yarn, It’s perfectly normal to feel that way but, you don’t have to feel that way in fact, you should be confident instead of nervous. Now, let’s get right to it.

Usually, for every Job vacancy you see out there, there is always a budget for that role even when you see salary NEGOTIABLE There is an existing budget some vacancies come with the salary range but the mistake many of us make is, we don’t always have the patience to study a job vacancy, we just apply then we attend the interview and mention a figure outside what was advertised example, the Job vacancy stated, Salary 80-100kYou attend the interview and say you are expecting 500k If they eventually overstretch their budget and employ you. Definitely, you must be able to turn water into wine. Please always have the salary range stated on the vacancy at the back of your mind, let that guide your negotiation.

For those that don’t know, the salary range is the payment amount between a set of low to high numbers eg 100k-130kIf there was no salary or salary range mentioned on the vacancy, below are tips for you

1. Prepare ahead: Don’t go to an interview and start guessing your salary expectation on the spot, it only shows you don’t even know what you are worth. You should have a figure on your mind, the moment you get the interview notification, Put your transportation and monthly expenses into consideration when preparing ahead.

2. Be realistic: I would have told you to make research on the amount they offer your role across industries, but in Nigeria labor market, there is no standard, I know an organization that pays their cleaners 90k, some graduates don’t even earn that amount in some places. Don’t be a fresh graduate with zero work experience, requesting an 800k salary It’s good to aim high but don’t lose touch with reality. Even if you aim High, you must connect it with your value.

3. Talk about your value and what you will offer: Even if you request a very high amount, you need to bring out evidence of why you are worth, what you worth you need to be able to talk about how you can add value, Bring up instances where you added value, brought about profits, brought about innovation always chip in your achievements, it is not you bring braggart, it is you showing them what you are worth. The best time to talk about your value is from the first question they ask you always chip it in every response you give that way, your negotiation is justified.

4. If you are asked what you currently earn,( some recruiters do this) use it as an opportunity to kill 2 birds using one stone, don’t be angry just say in my previous/current role I earn(ed) 200k and I expect to make 280k in this role I am interviewing for. That way you have told them your expectation and also responded to the question

5. Give a number, not a range: When they ask you about your salary expectation, don’t say, I am expecting between 200-250k It shows you don’t even know what you want. And be rest assured you will be given the lowest number in the range

6. Politely present your case: Some applicants laugh sarcastically in the presence of the recruiter when they hear what the company is willing to offer them. Yes, You are worth more than that, but can you show some manners? With that kind of rude attitude, the interview will end and you will be thanked for coming. Present your case, use polite words, be confident it doesn’t make you appear weak

7. Always negotiate your Net pay, not gross. Net pay is what enters your account at the end of the month after tax and others have been deducted. Your gross is what you earn before deductions during negotiations always mention Net salary your gross might be 150, but you go home with 127 after all deductions, invariably your salary is 127k because all those statutory deductions are legal ie Tax. Also negotiate your benefits, Will there be HMO, pension etc?

8.Ensure you are negotiating with the right person, preferably the person that reached out to you to make the offer In many organizations, that person is always the HR. Ensure the HR is who you finalize with.

9. To whom much is given, much is expected if you are able to convince them to pay you 1million net, be rest assured optimum performance will be expected from you, your Recruitment should have ROI (return on investment) Don’t negotiate your salary, using your family problems as motivation Let the values you Will be adding be a motivation if you know you have nothing to offer, The nervousness you feel every day you come to work, Will affect your mental state10. Let everything be in writing It is not enough to negotiate salary and agree verbally let it be reflected on the offer letter if it is not in writing and signed by both parties it is not an agreement.

I hope this was useful. If you have any further comment or questions, drop it in the comment box bellow.

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