How To Tailor Your CV For a Particular Job Opening

Most people even with their professionally revamped CV still find it difficult to edit and tweak it for different job positions they are qualified for.

When applying for jobs, especially jobs in big organizations with standard JDs, there are things you pay attention to in other to tailor your CV well.

*You have to pay attention to the required skills and competencies
*You have to read the job duties well for you to identify the core responsibilities and success factors attached to that role.
*Then the years of experience and educational background needed.

When you have understood the JD, you now face your CV to tailor it. Please note that tailoring your CV doesn’t mean you should lie, it is simple for you to magnify those needed skills and qualifications that you already have.
The main sections to touch on your CV are your professional summary, skill section, and then one on your work experience section.

On your professional summary, use it to capture attention immediately, if they are looking for a certified sales rep. with 3 years of experience, you can start your summary like this,
“A value-oriented and Certified Professional offering over 3 years of experience in executing various sales duties to support business growth and sustainability. ” Then pad it up with some soft skills like persuasion, negotiation, interpersonal relationship, etc., that associated with sales.

On your skill section, look out for some skills on the JD that you have and highlight them.
“Must be good with Excel and Powerpoint Presentation” then on your skills you put “Microsoft office Proficiency (MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel)

In your work experience section, if they said on the JD that your duties will include pitching products to clients for sales, then you can use the following as one of the duties you execute in your current place of work.
“Delivers engaging sales presentations to new clients, explaining technical information in simplified language to promote features and increase client base for revenue generation”

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