How To Write A Thank You Email

A well-constructed thank you email to a recruiter can help you land a job. Imagine there are 3 to 4 great candidates after an interview and the recruiter is in a dilemma and your thank you email pops up, trust me it will surely influence his or her decision.

I have gotten two job offers just because I sent out an email thanking them after the interview. Your aim of sending such mail is to:

1. Appreciate them for their time and consideration.

2. Shade more light on something that was discussed during the interview and also use the opportunity to highlight some things you forgot or didn’t mention. You can also use the mail to correct an impression about you or about something that went a bit wrong during the interview.

3. Showcase keen interest and desire to join and great value. Just ensure you don’t sound desperate and boastful.

Here is an example:

Dear Mr Obii, (if it was with just one person and you know his or her name) orDear Hiring Panel/Team( If they were more than one)I am writing this letter to extend a warm thank you to you for interviewing me for the post of Senior HR Executive today.

It was a wonderful experience meeting you and learning more about Jobsandjapa Limited and also the position. After the interview, I am far more interested in the position and excited to work for such an inspiring organization. I strongly believe that my experience and my qualifications will help me deliver a performance that is expected out of this position. Moreover, I have an understanding of the industry which will help me perform better.

I can make a significant contribution to the organization with my strong HR background experience and training to bring growth to the company. I must mention that I have been looking for an opportunity of this kind and I will look forward to hearing from you when the selection is finalized for the position. Please feel free to email or call me on 07037***** in case you need any more information.


Your Full Name

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