How we got into Graduate school: An international student guide!

Graduate studies

Graduate study is an opportunity for anyone interested in advancing their knowledge in a specialised research area or to advance their professional skill-set. It is an advanced academic degree like masters and doctoral degrees. Upon completion of an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree is typically the next step. However, it’s possible to move straight up into a doctoral degree.

Master’s degrees are usually in two types, thesis-based master’s degrees, those that focus on research and course-based master’s degrees, those that are intended to prepare you for advanced professional practice.

Every day a lot of people travel around the world to various universities for the purpose of their graduate studies. In some cases, they are sponsored by scholarship funds that could help them achieve their higher education goals. However, it is, for this reason, that initiative, “How we got into Graduate school: An international student guide.” was born.

How we got into Graduate school: An international student guide

This postgraduate-focussed panel discussion is a great opportunity for aspiring students to ask and have their most pressing questions answered by international students who really stood out and are pursuing their postgraduate studies through a fully funded scheme in prestigious universities around the world. The webinar is positioned to spike interest, inspire, and help young professionals through the journey of their career path.

Programme scope

  1. Selection of schools
  2. Reaching out to professors
  3. Writing SOP/Personal Statement
  4. Standardised exams (GRE, TOEFL, IEEE, etc,.)
  5. Application Processes and Requirements

Aim of the Programme

This free, online event comes with the following benefits and it is fashioned to help aspiring students and young professionals to;

  1. Teach young professionals how to maximise professional and career development opportunities
  2. Refine their skills and  help them plan their next career step
  3. Provide an opportunity to ask any questions they might have
  4. Help them with the processes and how to gain funded postgraduate opportunities, etc.

Our Panellist

Our panellists are refined and are high-achieving individuals that are making waves in their prospective career field. In no particular order, meet our panellist

How we got into graduate school
Paschal Amusuo

Graduate Student, Purdue University

How we got into graduate school
Nafisah Abdulkardir

Erasmus Mundus Scholar ‘21

How we got into graduate school
Kingsley Uneagbu

Universite De Lorraine, France

ERASMUS MUNDUS Program on Green Networking and ICT (GENIAL)

Event Date:

18th September 2021


4 pm WAT



How to register:

The Zoom link will only be emailed to registered participants.

Register Here!

How we got into Graduate school: An international student guide
How we got into Graduate school: An international student guide

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