10 Tips To Help Your Job Search That Will Actually Work

Finding a job you love takes a lot of time, energy and patience. The job search process can be stressful, and it can feel like no matter what you do, you’re not getting anywhere. But there are some simple things you can do that will help your job hunt go faster and more smoothly.

However, there are many people who are looking for jobs and just can’t get one. I’ve met people who are talented and have experience, yet they still can’t get a job. Even though our economy is slowly improving and more companies are hiring, they’re not hiring these people. Why? It’s because many of them have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to their job search.

They don’t know how to write a good resume or cover letter that will get them an interview. They don’t know how to properly follow-up with a company after applying for a position. They don’t know how to market themselves to companies so that they’ll stand out from the competition.

In this article, I will share with you some pro tips for searching for a job. This is as a result of many research and experiences. I reached out to experts in my network and asked them for their best advice. They were happy to share their expertise with me, and now I want to share it with you.

Tips on how to find a job you care about

1. Understand the Job Market 

The first step to taking control of your job search is understanding why you are searching for a job the wrong way. Here’s the secret: You aren’t actually looking for a “job.” You’re looking for a career.

The problem with a job search is that it’s not focused on you. It’s focused on what other people need. And if that’s the approach you take, you’re going to be in an endless loop of sending out resumes, hoping something sticks.

Your focus needs to be on what you can bring to the table and how that will benefit the people you work with, rather than what they can do for you. The truth is, employers don’t really want to hire someone who wants a job — they want to hire someone who wants a career.

2. Be clear in what you want

It’s hard to find something if you don’t know what it is. If you’re looking for a job, be specific about what type of position you want or the salary range or industry that interests you. If you don’t know exactly what you want, take some time to find out — it will make your search a lot easier.

3. Get an accountability partner.

The best way to complete a task is by telling someone about it. That’s because you’ll be more likely to complete the task, if you know someone else is going to ask you about your progress. And it would be embarrassing to say “I haven’t done it yet.” So as soon as you start searching for a new job, ask someone to be your accountability partner. It doesn’t need to be someone who’s also looking for a new job — just someone who will ask you about what actions you took today (or week) to move your job search forward.

4.Clean up your social media presence

I think everyone knows how important this is by now, but not everyone does it. Just cleaning up your online presence could mean the difference between being hired or being unemployed. Make sure that your social media presence represents your career prospects. This will be a better message to your prospective employer. 

5. Use social media to find connections

Social media networks make it possible to reach out to anyone in your extended network with minimal effort. LinkedIn’s messaging tool makes it easy to get in touch with people you might not otherwise have access to outside of professional networking events. If you’re interested in working at a specific company, look through their LinkedIn profiles. 

Another way you can utilize social media for your job search is to follow hiring managers on platforms like Twitter. You can start by joining our Twitter community to gain access to a pool of job openings around the world. 

Top Recommendations

6. Build relationships with your connections before asking them for help.

No one likes people who ask them for a favor without having shared any value with them first. So don’t just send a generic message asking your contacts if they know anyone at Company X — instead, share an article or video with them that’s relevant to their interests, and let them know why you a best fit for a certain position in a certain company. 

7. Don’t apply for every job opening you see

It’s easy to get caught in an endless loop of applying for jobs and hoping for a call back. However, this method is unlikely to get you anywhere.

Time is better spent researching companies and reaching out to people within those organizations. It’s not enough to just submit an application through a website. You need a contact within the company that can advocate on your behalf. You also want to know details about the organization before interviewing so you can demonstrate that you’ve done your homework during the hiring process.

8. Make sure your résumé is flawless

It sounds obvious, but before you start applying for jobs, you should make sure that your résumé is in excellent shape. Your résumé is a reflection of who you are as an employee. It’s the thing that will make recruiters and hiring managers want to learn more about you, or pass on your application entirely.

If you’re not proud of your résumé, you’re going to have a tough time getting hired. The good news is that even if your résumé isn’t perfect right now, it’ll only take a few hours to fix it up. Sure, writing a strong résumé can be intimidating especially if this is your first time doing so but if you break it down into smaller tasks and focus on one section at a time, it shouldn’t take long to finish. And once it’s done, you won’t have to worry about it again until you decide to switch careers or apply for a new job. Learn how to write a good Résumé here for free

9. Cater your resume to each application.

You don’t necessarily have to completely rewrite your resume for every application, but you should take the time to tailor it to show why you’re a perfect fit for the job, as well as include any relevant keywords from the job description that show off your qualifications. Otherwise, it could be tossed aside by human resources software before a recruiter even sees it. You can also learn how to tailor your Résumé Here

10. Consider showing off your personality in your cover letter.

To make yourself more memorable, consider adding a quirky line or two in your cover letter or application that shows off who you really are and why this company would be lucky to have you. just don’t go overboard and keep it professional.


There is also a lot of conflicting advice about how to get a new job. Some people say you should only apply for jobs directly on company websites, while others say you should network your way into a job. You should have in mind that what may work for you may not work for the other. However, there are certain procedures that have proven to work times without numbers. And those are the tips that are listed and explained in this article. Please, remember to sign up for our newsletter here to get more tips on how to get the best results on your next job or opportunity search as well as job travel, and other opportunities that might interest you. 

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