25 Safest Countries in the World (2022)

The safest countries in the world are a great place to visit regardless of your travel style. Some people prefer to travel with just their carry-on bag, while others want to take the most out of their trip and go on a vacation. In that case, you need to know about some of the safest countries in the world and how they differ from one another.

Traveling is an enjoyable experience, but it can also be dangerous. You may want to take a few precautions while you’re traveling. This article lists some of the safest countries in the world, based on numerous factors, including crime rates and political stability, among others. But before we jump right into the list of countries, let’s see some of the best practices of traveling abroad. 

Tips for travel and tourists 

In today’s world, it is important to be aware of the safety and security of a country before traveling there. This can be done by looking at several different factors such as crime rate, political stability and so on. There are several countries that offer excellent security and safety to their citizens. 

However, The safest countries in the world are generally safe for all travelers. All you have to do is follow some basic rules and procedures when you arrive at your destination country.

Top Recommendations

Some of these tips include:

  • Traveling with someone who knows what he or she is doing;
  • Carrying identification at all times;
  • Being alert at all times, even in tourist areas;
  • Watching out for suspicious behavior;
  • Avoiding places where there might be trouble; and finally,
  • Never accept gifts without an explanation!

Safest Countries in the World (2022)

The safest countries in the world are a topic for debate. Some countries are more dangerous than others, depending on their location and the type of crime they experience. The safest countries in the world vary depending on where you live, what type of crime you experience, what kind of education system you have and how safe your home country is.

However, some countries are safer than others because they have a low number of incidents, while others are safer because they have high levels of education and infrastructure. Some countries have high crime rates due to their location, while others have high crime rates due to poor education and infrastructure.

Moerover, the safest countries in the world are not necessarily the most popular destinations for tourists. They have often been off-the-beaten-path destinations that have never benefited from the tourism boom. The safest countries in the world are those that are rich in natural resources and have little to no conflict or instability. They also tend to be politically stable, with a low crime rate and good infrastructure and here is the list according to IEP.

List of the top 25th safest countries in the world according to IEP

1. Iceland 

2. New Zealand

3. Denmark 

4. Portugal 

5. Slovenia 

6. Austria

7. Switzerland 

8. Ireland 

9. Czech Republic

10. Canada

11. Singapore 

12. Japan 

13. Finland 

14. Norway 

15. Sweden 

16. Australia 

17. Croatia 

18. Germany 

19. Hungary 

20. Belgium 

21. Netherlands

22. Bhutan 

23. Malaysia 

24. Poland 

25. Romania 

122. United States




141. Isreal




146. Nigeria

Source: IEP

safest countries in the world
safest countries in the world

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