Scholarships for Commonwealth Split-site (for low and middle income countries)

Purpose: To provide high-quality doctorate candidates from low- and middle-income Commonwealth nations with access to UK equipment and knowledge, as well as to contribute to UK and Commonwealth higher education and research through collaboration and partnerships.

Prospective Scholars must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for these scholarships:

• Be a British Protected Person or a citizen of an eligible Commonwealth country who has been given refugee status.

• Be a permanent resident of a Commonwealth country that qualifies.

• By the time your scholarship begins, you must be enrolled in a PhD program at an institution in an eligible Commonwealth country (September 2022)

• Confirm that your home university and your preferred UK university have an institutional or departmental affiliation. This connection must be more than just individual collaboration – see the section on ‘Tenure and placement’ for further information. To guarantee that your application is eligible, both supervisors must offer a supporting statement that includes more information on the link.

• Be ready to begin your academic studies in the United Kingdom in September 2022.

• Have a first degree with an upper second class (2:1) honours grade or a second-class degree plus an appropriate postgraduate diploma (typically a Master’s degree) by September 2022.

• Would not be able to afford to study in the United Kingdom if not for this scholarship

Tenure and placement

• The awards are valid for a 12-month period of study at any eligible UK university or higher education institution with which the CSC has a part financing agreement (as previously specified) for a specific research program.

• Your final qualification will be conferred by a university in your native country (not your proposed UK university). This scholarship will not cover the cost of your studies at an institution in your native country. Funding will not be granted to individuals who wish to finish a qualification in addition to or higher than the one for which they were chosen, or who wish to pursue a PhD at a UK university. Only full-time study is eligible for awards, and no other course of study may be pursued at the same time.

• The scholarship-supported 12-month duration of study in the UK can be broken into a maximum of two periods of study. In the UK, a maximum of 12 months between periods is allowed if divided into two periods. In most cases, you should stay in your native country for at least 6 months between travels to the UK. If the time between visits is less than 6 months, your study design will need to provide further reasoning for why this is a good idea.

• Normally, the CSC would not sponsor a Split-Site Scholarship during the first six months of PhD registration, in order to verify that the PhD’s path has already been determined in consultation with your home supervisor. If you decide to apply for a scholarship within the first six months of your PhD enrollment, you must show how it will benefit your studies. Otherwise, you can take the 12-month study term in the UK at any point throughout your PhD program, as long as it is justified in your study plan.

• If you have not yet started your PhD, you will only be able to spend a maximum of six months in the UK in your first year.

• If you have not yet begun your PhD, you will only be allowed to spend a maximum of six months in the United Kingdom during your first year of study.


Each scholarship includes the following benefits:

• Approved round-trip travel from your home nation to the United Kingdom and back at the conclusion of your award (the CSC will not reimburse the cost of fares for dependants, nor the cost of journeys made before your award is confirmed)

• Tuition fees that have been approved

• Stipend (living allowance) of £1,133 per month for students attending institutions in the London metropolitan area, or £1,390 per month for those attending universities outside of London (rates quoted at 2021-2022 levels)

• Where applicable, a warm clothing allowance

• A study travel grant to help with the expense of studying in the UK or abroad.

• Provided you are a widower, divorced, or single parent, you are entitled to a child allowance of £485 per month for the first kid and £120 per month for the second and third children under the age of 16 if you are accompanied by your children and they live with you at the same residence in the UK.

The CSC’s family allowances are only meant to cover a portion of the costs of keeping your family in the UK. True costs are likely to be far higher, and you’ll need to be prepared to supplement these allowances to support any family members who accompany you to the UK.

How to Get Started

Scholars should apply to study at a UK university that has a CSC-funded part-time program. Individual colleges decide whether or not to participate in part-funding agreements. Visit the CSC website’s UK universities with part funding agreements page for a list of universities have agreed to partially sponsor commonwealth scholarship.

You must use the CSC online application system to submit your application to the CSC. Any applications that are not submitted through the CSC online application system will be rejected.

Applications are now being accepted and will close at 18:00 on Thursday, February 17th (GMT).


By Tuesday, March 8th, at 18:00, references and supporting statements must be sent (GMT).

Because the online application system will be busy in the days leading up to the application deadline, you should complete and submit your application as soon as possible.

The selection procedure

Eligible applications will be assessed by the CSC Selection Committee in competition with other candidates, in accordance with the CSC Selection Criteria 2022.

The following selection criteria will be used to evaluate applications:

• The candidate’s academic merit

• The study proposal’s quality

• Potential impact on the candidate’s home country’s development


You can contact us if you have any questions regarding applying for a Commonwealth Split-site Scholarship. Other than responding to your inquiry, we will not use your email address for any other purpose.

Visit the CSC Apply page for more information on other scholarships offered by the CSC.

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