Step Out, Kill The Poverty Mentality

 I came from a humble home, we are not rich and we are not exactly retched, nevertheless, some basic stuff in life were luxury growing up and it affected me now that I am an adult, example; I do not drink tea, eat egg or salad because we were not exposed to those food growing up.

Life was just simple, when we see people do some stuff, we call it “money miss road”. I remember one time in 2006, my dad said we will go to Mr. Biggs, there were 6 of us then, including my parents, that is 8.Then a plate of food at Mr. Biggs was around N900 which means 8 plates will be over N7,000. My dad said it was a waste of money, it is better we use the money to cook soup that will last for a week. Poverty is a bastard.

Growing up, I found out that I had a poverty mentality, thanks to my upbringing. Nevertheless, in 2020 I had an experience that made me make a conscious effort to kill the poverty mentality.

My first flight experience, the prayer i prayed here eh, only God know.

I had a friend who loved to travel. As in… she set a goal to make international trips at least 4 times a year. We (poor people) used to see her as a ‘money miss road’, but when I got to really know her, I realized she wasn’t even rich, just DETERMINED to acquire specific experiences. She would scrounge and live as cheaply as possible in order to save up for her trips. I was able to understand her approach a lot more when I started studying Personal Development.

Last year, I was flown to Lagos by the company I was working with, it was my first time flying, it still an experience I can never forget before I will say while waste money flying when I can enter the night bus. At Lagos, I was lodged in a 5-star hotel at Ikeja. OMG! OMG! as a poor boy from Owerri, the whole thing felt like a dream. I was at the federal palace hotel for training and I realized the need to work on myself to improve my self-esteem.

Lyola Hotels, MaryLand

The food there was out of this world, it was a buffet with over 11 types of food from portage yam to jollof rice to white rice to fried rice to a different kind of soup, chicken, beef, fish, After eating you wash it down with fruit salad, pepper soup, and  Chapman. Mehn!! I had the time of my life, just one week and I grew fatter. The people serving us were matured grown men who look so rich, it was just like in the movies. If you’ve been surrounded by lack and scarcity all your life, it can be hard for the mind to accept prosperity when it eventually comes. Sometimes, you have to subliminally hack your mindset and belief systems.

Break Fast


See ehn… The Nigerian version of poverty is sick. It leaves many people open and exposed to abuse by the bastards of this world. Some people have suffered so much that it can feel unreal for a well-dressed person to address them politely, “Welcome, sir.” or “Have a nice day, ma’am” or even “What would you like?”At least once a week or month (depending on your wallet), go to Four Points by Sheraton, Eko Hotel, or Radisson Blu Hotel with a budget of 12k.7k for the lunch buffet and approx. 5k for an Uber/Taxify ride depending on where you live. Dress like a million bucks, get your face beat, and absorb the feeling of being chauffeured as a ‘madam’ around the city. Eez your money.

Enjoy the feeling of being driven to the lobby, not the hotel gate oh… the very lobby where the uniformed bellboys smile like they’re happy to see you. Smile back as they say, “Welcome to Radisson Blu, ma’am”. Even though you know your way, do like say you miss the road. Go to the reception and ask them where the restaurant is. I’m adding this so you get to talk to people who are OBLIGATED AND TRAINED to be nice to you.

Get to the restaurant and REQUEST a table with a perfect view. Then go to the buffet and EXERCISE YOUR POWER TO CHOOSE. Get back to your table and eat the delicious food slowly, not in a hurry. There’s no scarcity here. You belong here.

When you get back home, your mind will begin to change.

The experience itself will not make you rich, but your self esteem will greatly improve. When your self esteem improves, you begin to feel like you deserve more.


When you feel like you deserve more, you get more confident and creative on how to get more. Your mind will be stimulated to imagine more creative product ideas and monetization streams. You’ll start calling up important people who can help make this happen for you.

Do ‘money miss road things’ at least once a week/month.

– Go to a stage play.

– Come together with friends and rent a private beach house for a day.

– Breeze into a coffee shop just to enjoy the scents and exceptional quality of service.

With these experiences, you’ll go to bed with high quality images and dream in colour.

You’ll wake up with better quality ideas and matching levels of courage.


I remember after attending a conference at Radisson blue where everyone was speaking phonetics and calling millions, my mindset changed, 33 days later, an opportunity came that I would normally charge 80k for, but I wasn’t the same guy. Courage and creativity emerged from a reserve I never knew existed.

What was shyness again? I carried myself and made my pitch like an Omo Baba Olowo. I charged higher. They paid.


See, regardless of your background it is possible to enjoy the best things of this world in your lifetime, but your old conditioning will attempt to play tricks on you to hold you back.

Play tricks on your mind too.

Writing this, I am thinking of organizing a weekend getaway in a beach house towards the end of the year, it will be affordable and memorable, if you are interested, drop a message in my Dm or comment below with your contact details.

Stay Jiggy

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