Trainee Graduate Engineers

Location: Okpella, Edo State

Objectives for Trainee Graduate Engineers

Under the supervision of a manager or supervisor, the Graduate Engineering Trainee’s goal is to learn and gain practical experience by assisting staff with new projects, offering suggestions on existing methods, conducting research, writing reports, managing data and implementing systems, and utilizing tools to optimize the cement production process.


  • Completing all of the supervisor’s tasks and aiding where possible.
  • Observing and suggesting improvements to existing strategies and techniques.
  • Collecting data and conducting research. Visiting field sites and receiving hands-on experience in new areas of work
  • Working closely with employees to instill professional ideals and establish positive working relationships.
  • At all times, health and safety regulations must be followed.
  • Attending meetings and workshops is an important part of my job.
  • During the traineeship, submitting to all forms of evaluation.
  • Creating reports and giving presentations to colleagues and other stakeholders.


  • A thorough understanding of theoretical ideas
  • Knowledge of statistical principles is essential.
  • Analytical and reasoning abilities at a high degree
  • Have a thorough understanding of engineering concepts
  • Interpersonal abilities and good interpretation
  • Ability to analyze data


Bachelor’s degree in one of the Engineering

disciplines listed below:

  • Instrumentation, Automation, or Electrical/Electronics
  • Instrumentation, Automation, or Electrical/Electronics
  • Industrial Mining Production Materials
  • Mechanic Chemical Process
  • A minimum of Second Class Upper is required.
  • Not more than three years after completing NYSC
  • At the time of recruiting, you must be under 30 years old.


  • To be a good team player, you must maintain a high level of order and cleanliness
  • Understanding, persuasion, and communication skills are required.
  • High level of organisation and a focus on results.
  • A logical mind is required.

Interested candidates should email their updated CVs to Please make the subject of your e-mail the position you’re applying for and your name. On Monday, January 24, 2022, at 12 p.m., the application will close.

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