Why You Should Consider Graduate School — Pursuing a PhD abroad

Why should I pursue a PhD?

Why should I pursue a phD?


To be successful in whatever we do, one must first answer a few questions, the most important of which is, “Why do I want to achieve whatever I desire?” However, The quality of your response to this question will determine how much success you will achieve. This is very true for anyone who is nurturing the idea of pursuing a PhD. This is because, whether you will complete your PhD research or even continue your PhD adventure until the end of the second year is dependent on your answer to this question, Why should I pursue a PhD?

A PhD is something to which you should devote at least three to five years of your life. It requires a lot of discipline and tenacity to get through that journey. Many people begin their PhD program, but by the end of their third year, they have lost interest in continuing. According to a survey, at least 43.4% of PhD students will not complete their program. A PhD is about wandering, getting lost, not knowing what you’re doing, being scared, getting help, not listening, trying everything, falling flat, failing again, still trying, learning rare things, getting small wins, trying harder – this time wiser, more trivial successes, fewer failures, putting it all together to tell a story that doesn’t have an ending, and then making a decision to leave the unfinished parts for people that will come after you.

The goal of a PhD is to train you to become a professional researcher. By the end of your PhD,

  • You should be well-versed in your field. 
  • You should be passionate enough about your field to always consider new methods to better it. 
  • You should be able to persuade your research community to support your ideas. 

Once you have mastered those skills, You’re almost ready to be a professor, and you have learned Most of what the PhD program was trying to teach you.

Why do people do a PhD?

However, people have different purposes for pursuing PhDs. Some people are only interested in learning. Some people aspire to pursue degree-required employment. Some begin a PhD because they don’t know what else to do with their lives. Others believe it will increase people’s regard for them.  All in all, as far as your why is enough to see you through the end, you are probably on the right track. But you should understand that the purpose of doing a PhD is to finish it. Some people want to pursue a PhD because they want to do the following:

  1. They want to make money.
  2. They want to be in charge.
  3. They want a flexible job
  4. They want to identify with a class of people, etc.

There are a thousand and one reasons why people consider pursuing a PhD. you should understand, however, that whether you want to get a better job, be in authority, maintain a status quo or whatever, you don’t necessarily need a PhD to do so. In fact, a PhD may not guarantee those. And this is why you should learn about some bad reasons why I think people want to pursue a PhD.

Bad reasons why people pursue a PhD

  • For the prestige
  • Due to social pressure
  • To avoid getting a job
  • They want to do it because their friends are doing it.
  • They want to do it because they don’t know what to do with your life. 

There are more similar reasons, mention them. Pursuing a PhD because of reasons like, your parents, social prestige, etc. is the path to failure. You cannot sustain yourself for four to six years based on how proud your parents will be when you become a doctor. Hence, you have to develop a compelling reason why you want to take the path of a PhD.

Why should I do a PhD

First of all, You must realize that a PhD is not a guarantee of financial security or overall job success. It is not by itself a sure path to the hazy sensation of bliss that many of us seek in life. A PhD is something you pursue as a required step on the way to specific career choices that are not available otherwise. It’s demanding, demoralizing, exhausting, and profitable all at the same time.

You should pursue a PhD because you are compelled, you are obsessive, and you are not satisfied with what the world is currently capable of explaining, demonstrating or proving. Usually, people who successfully pursue PhDs want to be the ones to solve problems, encourage new and inventive ideas, and expand their knowledge or technical capability by great leaps and bounds.

People with PhDs are obsessive, cerebral individuals who spend more time in their imaginations than in the real world, and who make it their business to bring their ideas into the limelight through exhaustive study and verification – sometimes with varying degrees of success, despite Herculean efforts.


Nonetheless, it’s only dependent on you whether you should pursue a PhD or not. The first thing to consider is what you want to do in life and thus, how you need to prepare for it. Have in mind that whatever reason you have should be able to see you through the journey. It should be something that compels you.  Although there are factors by which you cannot control but It is very important to identify your Why, which is a good way to start up your journey towards a successful PhD.

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