Zero To Zero point Four

I have been starring at the car center mirror for the past few minutes, the driver will look at me through the mirror from time to time, I know he will wonder what is wrong, he couldn’t hold it back, he asks “sir is everything alright” “Yes oga kachi everything is fine and I have told you to stop calling me sir bikonu”. He smiles, he is a middle-aged man, somewhere around his late forties, even though he is the company driver, I am not so comfortable with the “sir”. My boss sent me to Umuahia to close a major deal and I have been thinking if this is the life I wanted, I mean a few years ago I pictured myself in a fancy office at Lekki, or on the front page of Techcrunch, or probably in Silicon Valley but here I am in a 2016 corolla going to Umuahia. Well, it might not be the life I pictured a few years ago but it is definitely far better than the life I was living circa 2019. huh, 2019?

2019 The Worst Year Of My Adult Life (So Far)…

Affliction shall never rise the second time they say, may 2019 not happen again I say. Fresh out of university, I stopped everything that was giving me money because they all related to school, Tutorials, materials, exams, business center, admission processing, etc. I wanted to focus on building a feasible cooperate life. I took all my savings and launched my start-up – Ohmstech. I knew it will be difficult but I never knew it will be this difficult. The hurdles that came with building a business, the sleepless nights, we got clients, lost some, ran into loss, made mistakes, I went days on empty stomach, soaking Garri became my favorite ritual, my bank account balance was always on zero, and sometimes a few thousand. Tried ending it all twice, already bought sniper in the second one if not a call from Nancy. I had a gas incident which was caused by poverty, yes my gas cylinder developed issue, I did not have money to buy a new one so I was managing it.

I shut everyone out, everyone that loves me because I was bent on building my business and didn’t want any distraction. The girl I love so much broke up with me, I wouldn’t blame her I mean I wouldn’t date me then. It was catastrophic because she was the only thing remaining of my Glory days, I mean she is a fine girl, so if you see us together you go know say I been hold bar before. Got tired of life, I mean I was 26 then and the only thing I could boast of was a 20 inches foam an a table fridge. I refused to go home or seek for help, I told myself I must fight this battle and win. Then one day a call came in…

Angel In Human Form….

Chinedu (Not real name) A Facebook friend saw a post I made on my page talking about sales, he was in Rwanda then so he called through Facebook messenger told me about an offer, wasn’t much but it was enough to keep my heads above water, it was enough to end my garri drinking days as my eyes were already worst as a result. Before I say jack I was in Lagos, he actually sent me 30k for a plane ticket but man I had a lot of problems and flying is for those who have no problem, I gave my mum (who have had my back all these while) 15k and entered ITC 5k to Lagos. Finally, a breath of fresh air and the best is the fact that the offer gave me time to work on my baby- Ohmstech.

Sometimes I ask myself, what if I didn’t make that post that day? Mehn… I was able to afford to pack from the ghetto I was living into a decent ghetto, buy a few properties, get good cloth, opened another business. After one year, he got me another offer in the same industry that was the bomb. 6 figure stuff, HMO, pension 13th Month, leave allowance, mention it and the good thing? I still have enough time to work on my baby.

Being A Sales Man

2017, I wanted to be a software developer so bad but here I am a salesman. I have come to understand I am not an office guy, the last thing I want to do is to sit in a fancy working space pressing my laptop for hours. I love being on the field, I love when buyers resist buying, I play few sales tricks on them and they are giving me LPO the next minute. I love closing deals, I love the feeling I get when I am announced the sales champion of the month, I love making presentations, I love giving suggestions and ideas on how we can increase our sales for the month, I love when Adeniyi analyze our performance for the quarter and how we can do better, among all, I love the flexibility and freedom. I get easily bored, reason I am scared of marriage because I am afraid one day my wife might bore me but selling is one thing I never get bored of doing because there is a new challenge every day.

The Benjamin

My association with a multinational has created the illusion that I’m making a killing. Omo, I pray. Sure, I now enjoy some more financial stability than I used to. But I’m not exactly flying, yet. I’m in my late twenties, working a full-time job and my start-up with other hustle by the side. I have more uses for rubbers than I ever had before. I’m 28, the first son, so you can imagine. Two seconds ago I was a student, even though I was chesting some responsibilities, I still get a pass with the “he is a student”. Shit, time fucking flies. Responsibilities are creeping out of places that didn’t use to exist, you cannot get such a pass any longer.

I left the ghetto I was staying and moved to a mini flat in the urban area of the state. Remembered when I got a couch for the parlor, I almost cried, a few years ago I struggled to pay rent, now I am buying a cushion, a flower, and an aquarium for the parlor, something I termed luxury for big men.  Reflecting on my favorite book, I can say I moved from zero to 0.4.

These days, I show up more. Feels like I’m trying to compensate for the shameful inadequacies I used to feel all the times I could not help with those “urgent 5k” my friends asked of me. I have debts of kindness I have to repay. Friends have stretched out of themselves to absorb my problems, even without my asking. I feel an obligation to the universe to do the same at the slightest convenience. I have debts of kindness to repay. I have to show up more. I’m a big boy with big boy problems. Lol.

But my purse is too small for this big heart of mine. So I need to make more rubbers. Therefore, I am not balling. Yet. I don’t have money. If you thought I did, I’m sorry to disappoint us. You know what they say “With great power comes great responsibility”


I haven’t always been like this. You know me. I’d wear my senator everywhere.a pair of cooperate shoes, my glasses  and I’m tight. But then, everyone evolves, my ex thought me to dress, to wear jean and dress my age but I took it to another level. Since I started seeing bar, I’ve been more deliberate about my wardrobe choices. Maybe I’m finally growing up. Maybe I’ve become less absorbed about the emotional genius of my mind that covers up for my aesthetic deficiencies. Plus work confers upon you the sort of responsibility that seeps into your everyday life. I feel my habits changing. I’m more conscious of my appearance now. You probably have noticed. The JPEGs are no coincidences.

in the coming weeks you’ll be reading a lot from me about some interesting folks I’m hanging with these days, for now, I gotta say bye, I have my report to send to my boss explaining to him why I only attained only 30% of my 4 million Naira monthly target.. oh you thought sales was easy? Opps!!

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6 thoughts on “Zero To Zero point Four

  1. This is Just the beginning of your achievements. In no distant time you will become one of the best salesman this country will ever produce cos my first encounter with you shows that you are a get it all and get it done well person. Ride on dear for determination leads to Success.

  2. Wow! What a nice read. You’ve always been a fighter, a survivor and I am grateful to God for saving you all through the hurdles.

    Keep being great. You’re already seeing the light before you get to the tunnel. More strength and grace.

  3. The Uniqueness of your story is what makes it Soo interesting, The knowledge and information you pass in between the lines are top notch. Ohms keep doing what you do.

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